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Dr. Linda King uses functional medicine help you find answers to the cause of your illness and the nutritional and biochemical imbalances that may be making you feel ill. Functional medicine is personalized medicine that deals with root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

BioTE® Hormone Optimization can Provide Solutions To Balance Hormones & Life. Get Started Feeling Better As Soon As Possible. Age healthier. Regain energy & strength. Increase quality of life. Heighten mental clarity. Feel younger & happier.

Environmental Detoxification

Our programs reduce your body burden of environmental toxins, through easy, powerfully techniques including: Infrared Sauna, Low Level Laser, Eb Ion Detox Foot Therapy and Metametrix Testing to determine the presence of pesticides, BPA, phallates, parabens and heavy metals

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging detects breast cancer (or any abnormal cell growth) up to ten years before mammograms, which makes it much easier to reverse and treat.

Neurotransmitter Balancing

When neurotransmitters become unbalanced, we may experience depression and anxiety, sloth, anger and lack of motivation, panic attacks, stress, and inability to calm down, heart problems, burnout, intolerance to exercise, memory and focus problems.

Nutritional Counseling

Unlike any other nutritional assessments, NutrEval FMV® provides a framework of core nutrients in 5 key areas: Antioxidants, B Vitamins, Digestive Support, Essential Fatty Acids, and Minerals. In this test, the Amino Acids are measured in a convenient first-morning urine collection..

Weight Loss Solutions

Physician supervised weight loss system.

Mammography vs. Thermography: make an informed decision

Thermography is a safe test that  can assess breast cancer risk, which is also something mammography cannot do. Thermography is a tool to monitor breast health, not just a way to find disease. And there is no radiation or breast compression involved

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy

This form of drug-free therapy is known to kill bacteria and viruses, super charge the immune system, improve circulation, improve oxygenation in tissues, improve homeostasis (balancing effect of body), increase tolerance towards radiation or chemotherapy, protect cardiovascular health, and reduce tissue pain.


Our whole body vibration exercise machines use low-speed, low-amplitude vibrations to generate health benefits. The technology has been researched for 30+ years by NASA and medical scientists, who discovered that low-frequency low-amplitude vibrations build muscle strength and new bone cells. Everyone gets results: stronger muscles and denser bones.

Alzheimer’s • Real Health Clinic

Alzheimer’s disease is a multifactorial disease. What that means to you as our patient and us as medical practitioners, is that a pill from the pharmaceutical industry will never cure, or even slow, Alzheimer’s. To conquer this dreaded disease, my patients and my collegues must work together to help make each patient better or resistant to Alzheimer’s.

For cancer patients seeking the very best personalized and integrated CANCER CARE

R.G.C.C. International GmbH is a leading company in analysis of circulating tumor cells as well as Cancer Stem Cells.
New testing and treatment now available for Lyme Disease and Auto Immune Diseases.

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