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Linda King D.O.

Dr. Linda King has been practicing medicine for a total of forty years. She commenced her journey within the medical field by working as an ER physician for twenty years. Fourteen years ago, she made the choice of transitioning to Alternative and Anti-Aging Medicine, which she is currently practicing today.

Dr. King has the privilege of guiding her patients toward better health. She first thoroughly searches for the nutritional, biochemical, and environmental causes of diseases. Then, rather than blindly using drugs to cover up the symptoms, she is able to provide the proper treatments focused on re-establishing health. By creating health, disease simply disappears.

With a background in pharmaceutical chemistry and knowledge of how most drugs are synthesized versions of natural substances, only the highest quality nutricuticals (pharmaceutical grade) are offered to her patients. Supplements are recommended based on state of the art testing.
Dr. King spends 1½ hours with her patients on the first visit to develop a thorough understanding of the patients mental, physical and spiritual concerns. She conducts an in-depth nutritional history and then develops a detailed recommendation. 


Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
Member of ACAM (American College for Advancement in Medicine)
FOMA (Florida Osteopathic Medical Association)

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Bio-Identical Hormones 
& Weight Loss Solutions

Dr. King is passionate about Bio-identical hormones and weight loss solutions which have always been a large part of her practice.

Dr. King is a national and international speaker who also regularly contributes to Lake Mary Life Magazine in Central Florida.

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